Now that our first regatta of the season is under our belt, I’d like to take an opportunity to update everyone on the status of our season.  It’s been a long road to get to where we are and I want to thank each and every Program Director and volunteer that has taken the time and energy to make this summer happen.  Whether your club is able to have a program or not, there was a lot of thoughtful discussion that went into what we have been able to put together for this season.

When we first sat down and began our discussions, we were fairly sure that NO club would be in a position to host an event and many of our decisions were based on a three regatta season.  As the states emerged from stay-at-home orders, more opportunities to get out on the water were made available. I’m thrilled with the current calendar, but very aware that things could change. I appreciate all of your communication and patience as we navigate the challenges of trying to plan a schedule in this ever changing environment. 

High Point Update

We will be offering a High Point Award to the top three sailors in each class.  Scores from each sailor's four best results will be used to calculate the score.  Since many of our member clubs do not have programs this year, we will not be awarding the CBYRA sanctioned High Point Trophy.  This will be for 2020 only.  Instead, we will be presenting The Chesapeake Experience Award, sponsored by The Chesapeake Experience.  The Chesapeake Experience is a community boating center whose mission is to simply get people on the water.  This program’s theory values a connection to the water where individuals develop their self-confidence, inner strength, determination, and resiliency.  Please view their website, www.chesx.org

With 12 more events on the calendar, there are lots of opportunities for your sailors to participate in regattas.  If your sailor has a race that they would like to participate in but does NOT have program support, please contact me. There are several member clubs that have offered to support sailors who need “on the water coaching” at events. This would mean you would have to get your boats to the events but they would support your sailor on the water for safety and some coaching. 

Safe Sailing!

--Dawn Forsberg


CBYRA Junior Fleet Chair