Hampton Yacht Club

Hampton Yacht Club is in downtown Hampton, perfectly placed right behind the Virginia Air and Space Center. There is plenty of room for unloading, parking of trailers and cars. We have 3 hoist that can be used to lift the powerboats into the water, or they may use the public boat ramp at Bluewater Marina (6 minutes away). We will have all boats, sailboat trailers and powerboat trailers parked on the grass on the corner of Victoria Blvd. and Bridge Street. All sailboats will be rigged in that grass as well and launched off the floating dock. The HYC Lounge is open to parents that need lunch and there are plenty of restaurants and local breweries near by. 

Racing is typically held on the Chesapeake Bay. We will sail our Green Fleet Optimists in the Strawberry Banks area (the water right in front of the VA Hospital/Hampton University), the Red,White,Blue Optimists will be further out near the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and the c420 and Laser fleets will be sailed near the Hampton Flats.