Severn Sailing Association

Severn Sailing Association is at the end of the Eastport peninsula in Annapolis, and in walking distance to ‘everything’.  There is room for the unloading of travel trailers, with parking of the trailers in a nearby lot.  All vehicles must be parked on the street.   Rigging of boats is on asphalt, and boats are launched from the end of floating ramps.  Coach boats can be launched at a ramp at nearby Truxtun Park, and trailers can be left there overnight.  There is plenty of space to tie-up at SSA’s floating docks.

Racing is typically held in areas directly out from the end of Eastport, so sailors will sail or be towed to/from the launch area. Spectators can usually see the racing area from the end of Eastport.  SSA is within walking distance to the downtown area and all of Eastport where there is food service and shopping.  There is a Royal Farms convenience store within walking distance, as well as APS for boat hardware.  SSA has food service from a snack bar during events, with limited outdoor seating.